Request for Excused Absence, Tardy or Early Dismissal

In an effort to decrease absenteeism and promote attendance the Band Directors have developed a process for students to communicate to them about absences, tardies, or the need for early dismissal. It is hoped that this process will keep the directors aware of special student needs in addition to helping us plan band activities. Here is the rationale for this process:

  1. Attendance has a direct effect on your grade.
  2. Please do not allow your grade to suffer by failure to turn in this form.
  3. Requests for excused absences or early departure should be submitted at least one day in advance.
  4. In unpredictable situations such as illness, please call the band office (730-7303) or email ( ) with as much notice as possible and follow up with this completed form within three days.

Download Absence Request Form