Booster Club - Officers & Chairpersons

  School Year 2016-2017  
  Contact Information  
  Position Responsibilities  



Contact Information

President Andy Sargent (979) 236-4696
1st Vice President - Chaperones Rachel Cloeter (979) 373-8997
2nd Vice President - Fundraising Bonnie Humphrey (979) 299-7528
Secretary Michelle Shockley
Treasurer Mike Kesseler (979) 299-9268
Food & Beverage Gayla Anderson (979) 215-5300
Merchandising Bonnie Humphrey
Props Larry Sampson (979) 235-0333
Non-Standing Committee Chairpersons
Hospitality Mary Scott (979) 239-8844
Uniforms Katie Sargent (979) 665-6359
Color Guard Liaison Maribel Cannon (979) 235-0224   
Webmaster Mark Lander (979) 417-5550   
Chili Supper (Food) Michelle Shockley    
Chili Supper (Auction) Michelle Parker (830) 481-3114
Photography Robin Mullenix (979) 236-7821   



Position Responsibilities

President Facilitate all meetings; oversee all booster club activities not listed separately; delegate to others as appropriate; facilitate requests; band director liaison
1st Vice President Chaperone/parent load crew coordination and training; truck/bus driver liaison; assist all other offices as appropriate
2nd Vice President Booster Club fundraising; assist all other offices as appropriate
Secretary Record and publish booster club board and regular meeting minutes; assist all other offices as appropriate
Treasurer Reconcile and report band booster club finances; file tax returns; assist all other offices as appropriate
Food and Beverage Water brigade for daily rehearsals and games; coordinate and procure food for marching contests/trips; assist all other offices as appropriate
PR / Merchandise Publish/distribute Buc Band Newsletter via E-mail/snail mail; publicize band & guard activities/accomplishments in newspaper, BISD TV station and website; sale of booster club shirts/hats; assist all other offices as appropriate
Props Is responsible/heads-up the building of all Sets & Props for the show. Responsible for design & building of projects to improve the facilities & equipment of the band. Maintenance and repair of the equipment.
Non-Standing Committee Chairpersons
Hospitality Student pool party (Aug); parent March-O-Rama & ice cream social (Aug); student masquerade party (Nov); Band-O-Rama (May); student band banquet; assist all other offices as appropriate
Uniforms Handle uniform inventory, repairs (sewing), fit every student for coats, hats, bibbers; distribute and collect uniforms; be available before every single football game and contest for emergency repairs and emergency replacement of lost or forgotten uniform components.
Color Guard Liaison Color Guard coordinator; assist all other offices as appropriate
Percussion Liaison Percussion coordinator; assist all other offices as appropriate
Webmaster Posts information from band directors and booster club officers on the website
Chili Supper Seek donations from area businesses, purchase everything needed for chili supper; supervise dozens of volunteers, coordinate and facilitate every aspect of chili supper held in January.
Silent Auction Seek donations from area business, coordinate with volunteers and facilitate auction during the chili supper.
Photography Take pictures at events, receive in digital format pictures from others who take pictures; select the best and forward to the webmaster for posting on the website.  Prepare slide show for end of year banquet.